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This website updated 3/10/19. Due to popular demand by many local professional pullers in central Missouri, several scheduled pulls for 2019 are approved with signed contracts and more quality pulls are pending approval! Our top of the line sled, scales and other equipment are in pristine condition and ready for action! Most pulls preferred to be held in Missouri. This website will be updated as soon as new information is available. Click HERE or HERE to refresh or reload this web page to see any changes. Click the blue underlined links below Ê for additional information.

Contact Information - HRGTPA President: Brent Miller, 12091 N. Route B., Hallsville, Missouri 65255 | Phone: 1-573-424-6217. Please call anytime. If no answer, please try again later. E-mail: a-1lawncareandlandscaping@outlook.com. Secretary/Treasurer: Valerie Miller. Pulling Tractor Safety Inspector: Cody Hultz. Sled Operator: Steve Doom.

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How to Build a Competitive Small Wheel Mini-Rod and Compact/Mini Pulling Truck (Updated 3/25/19)

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Check out our YouTube channel to see the 2,900 lb. 4WD pulling trucks (and garden pulling tractors) in action (Updated 8/5/15)

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Due to popular demand by many local pullers in central Missouri, scheduled pulls for 2019 are approved with signed contracts and more are pending approval!

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Below Ê is "Track Master" pulling sled in action.

The Hot Rod Garden Tractor and Mini Truck Pullers Association provide the means for nice folks to have a good time, and is a caring and friendly family-oriented member-owned organization that provide fun, safe and relaxing pulling entertainment for people of all ages. We have good intentions to provide safe and quality entertainment the entire family of participants and spectators can enjoy. Pullers always have a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at all HRGTPA's events. When the pullers/participants have a good time and feel relaxed at the HRGTPA pulls, that's what professionalism is all about! Cheating and/or favoritism toward any puller will not be tolerated at any of the HRGTPA pulls, meetings or events! The HRGTPA is a member-owned and operated association. Just because we own our own sled and equipment does not mean that the operation of the pulls will go our way. It's not all about us. Unlike certain other [defunct] pulling associations in Missouri, we prefer to work with pullers and not against them. Pullers from other associations are always welcomed to attend the HRGTPA meetings and participate at all HRGTPA pulls. Local vendors of garden pulling tractor parts are always welcomed to set up a table and sell, swap or trade their products at all HRGTPA pulls at no charge.

The Hot Rod Garden Tractor and Mini Truck Pullers Association and "Track Master" (the official pulling sled of the HRGTPA), are sponsored by various businesses in Missouri whose names and logos will be mentioned and displayed at a later date in this website. Please contact us if you want to help sponsor this fine pulling association.

HRGTPA membership dues for one year is $50.00 per family and $25.00 per individual, plus $13.00 hook/sled and equipment maintenance fee per class. $10.00 will go toward the hook fee, and $3.00 will go toward the sled and equipment maintenance. Being the HRGTPA is not-for-profit professional pulling organization, monetary contributions and donations would be appreciated to help cover pulling insurance costs and various other expenses for operations of the club. Click here to make a donation to the HRGTPA through PayPal. The pulling insurance covers the audience/spectators of our pulls only (spectator liability). It does not cover any member or participant of the HRGTPA. Any left-over money collected at the end of every year will be returned to the pullers in one form or another and/or be used for insurance to cover the pulls for the following year. HRGTPA provides $1,000,000 spectator liability insurance at all approved sanctioned pulls. Proof of insurance will be presented upon approval of a signed contract.

The HRGTPA has its private-owned and professionally-built self-powered pulling sled, weighing scale, precision measuring equipment and professional PA sound system. It's also a well-known and undeniable fact that the HRGTPA has the best pulling sled in the state of Missouri!

It's a well-known fact that most people prefer to watch competition pulling trucks perform on the track than garden pulling tractors because most people can relate to trucks more than garden tractors. Therefore, in an effort to promote the sport of pulling and attract more pullers and more spectators/larger audience at the pulls, we're (the Miller family) planning to include several new mini-truck pulling classes (Chevy S-10, Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, etc.) along with our usual garden pulling tractor classes. This line up of quality entertainment will dominate the garden tractor/mini-rod pulling circuit in Missouri and definitely help this association put on a better show at the county fairs because pulling trucks are money-makers for the fairs, they draw a lot more spectators and a huge audience, while garden pulling tractors (along with small wheel mini-rods) are more or less "fill-in" entertainment that draw less spectators and a smaller audience, plus, the garden tractors make very little money for the fairs, if any at all. The spectators/audience for garden pulling tractors (and small wheel mini-rods) consist mainly of friends and family members of the pullers, members of the pulling association/club, and pullers watching other pullers compete on the track. This is based on proven fact! Not bragging or exaggerating, just stating a well-known fact.

So as part of the Hot Rod Garden Tractor and Mini Truck Pullers Association, in an effort to provide more high quality and exciting entertainment at fairs in Missouri, in addition with the usual garden pulling tractor classes, we are planning to include three new compact/mini pulling truck classes, a 2,900 lb. 2WD and 4WD "new concept/hybrid" mini truck class with a 4 cylinder or V6 engine with 26-12.00x12 turf or lug tires, and the (already established) 3,800 lb. Pro Street 2WD mini truck class with a V8 engine and DOT 31-15.50x15 lug tires into our association. And possibly bring back the "big wheel" mini rod classes. Thinking in ways of using the greatest gift this country has to offer: free enterprise, competition, the American way!

It's a proven fact that garden pulling tractors alone (and sometimes with small wheel mini-rods) don't attract that big of a public spectator audience at the pulls. Pulling trucks, on the other hand, have always attracted a huge public spectator audience at all pulls because most people can relate to trucks more than garden tractors. Think about this: If it cost around $15,000 to build a competitive 50 CID Modified garden pulling tractor, then it would about half as much to build a competitive 2,900 lb. stock mini pulling truck. Plus, you'll be able to compete at about twice as many pulls with many more spectators and bigger audience! These additional classes of mini trucks may be included in the rules and at all pulls. The mini pulling trucks will be the main event. Click here to learn what it takes to build a 2,900 lb. 2WD or 4WD mini pulling truck. Don't get us wrong. Although we still like the garden pulling tractors and small wheel mini-rods and have nothing against these pulling vehicles, being fairs are in business to make money, the pulling trucks would be a great opportunity to introduce better entertainment to bring out a larger group of spectators. We also believe that there's more to life than just pulling garden tractors and small wheel mini-rods.

Need to rent a medium size (big wheel mini-rod) pulling sled for the mini pulling trucks until we can construct our own medium size self-powered pulling sled that can handle the mini pulling trucks. We also plan to rent our personal sled out to antique/classic/farm tractor pulling events. These pulling trucks will be discussed, updated rules voted-in by pullers who attend the meeting at a later date to be determined. We will still use our own garden tractor sled for use of the garden pulling tractor and small wheel mini-rod classes at all pulls, too.

Information about Miller's One-of-a-Kind Self-Powered Pulling Sled -

This distinctive (one of a kind) and private-owned pulling sled has distinctive style, beauty and grace. It's our pride and joy! No sled compares to it. Track Master is considered by many experienced and professional pullers as top of the line and best sled in the country! It not only looks nice, but it pulls and performs beautifully! Not bragging or exaggerating, just stating a fact. This unique and nimble sled is very functional and operates flawlessly! It has always performed well from its very first pull in 1995 to date with no major break-downs.

This sled was not "cobbled together." It was professionally engineered and constructed with well thought-out blueprints and plans solely by the Miller family. It has never had a major malfunction or breakdown so that the show could not be finished. Very few changes or improvements had to be made to it. It has always been a great asset to the pullers. It's the envy of most other garden tractor pulling clubs in Missouri.

A 14hp Kohler engine, which is positioned next to the operator at the rear, propels this sled. A hydraulically-controlled front axle with small tires lowers, which raises the skidpan off the ground, makes the sled easy to maneuver. Also, there's no belts or pulleys that operate anything on this sled. It's all heavy duty chains and sprockets, and automotive gears, which don't break. "Track Master" is 17 feet in length (without towbar), and used mainly in Missouri. Depending on track conditions, it has a top speed of 6-7 MPH.

Professionally-built to be competitively pulled by all classes of garden pulling tractors, and with the use of an innovative and ingeniously designed automatic braking system (no ground-engaging grouser bar attached to the rear of the skidpan to "tear up" or gouge the pulling surface), this sled will effectively, smoothly and safely stop 4x4 UTVs and small wheel mini-rods.

The total weight of the entire sled is approximately 6,000 lbs. There's about 2,000 lbs. of weight in the moving weight box, which transfers the weight over the skidpan. The weight box has 8 control [distance] speeds. This may sound like this sled is difficult to launch and pull down the track, but it's not! It's a very well-balanced sled, meaning very little weight is on the skid pan when the weight box is at the rear. This allows the skidpan to "float" in the air when the tractor launches the pull, allows the tractor to gain a lot of ground speed, and the lightweight launch places less stress and strain on a stock rear end carrier, axles, gears, driveline, clutch and pulling hitch. When the weight box is "topped out," about 5,400 lbs. or 90% total weight of the sled is transferred onto the skidpan, effectively stopping pulling tractors. With no added weight in the skidpan, it's very easy to launch, and it's sure to stop any pulling vehicle (up to 1,500 lbs.), even on short, indoor tracks. Even stock tractors can pull this sled with plenty of ground speed up to 300 feet (maximum track length) with no problems. Because this sled pulls so easy, many professional pullers tell us that they'd rather pull this sled than any other sled. Pullers who have pulled this sled say: "it's so easy to pull [upon launch], it feels like you're pulling nothing, then eventually, it slows you down and stops you." And if any puller says that this sled is hard to pull, then either they don't know what they are talking about, or they don't like the fact that we don't allow cheating or favoritism toward any pullers at our pulls. This sled also has an automatic brake engagement when the weight box nears to being "topped out," it gradually applies the emergency/parking brakes on the front [drive] axle.

The price to put on an HRGTPA-sanctioned garden tractor pull is $300-$500, depending on the distance from Hallsville, MO to your pull site. Most pulls preferred to be held in Missouri. We require a dirt/clay pulling track minimum 300 feet in length and minimum 25 feet in width. Our top of the line equipment includes: "Track Master" self-powered pulling sled, weighing scale with a portable 4' x 8' platform connected to a large accurate and large easy-to-read electronic digital display, and if needed, a professional P.A. amplified sound system that's placed on the recorder's/announcer's table. Our equipment also includes a convenient and accurate electronic digital distance measuring/monitoring system with an easy-to-read sled distance transmitter that's positioned in the sled and a remote receiver that's placed on the recorder/announcer's table. Although the P.A. amplified sound system and remote distance display receiver can each operate off a 12 volt battery (we supply), they may require 120 volts of power. And with the electronic digital distance measuring system, unlike a laser or old-fashioned "rope and tape measure" methods of measuring the distance of each pull, our sled doesn't need to be positioned at the same exact spot every time at the starting line. We also have a 10' x 10' pop-up canopy that provides shelter from the hot sun. And our sled has two filled fire extinguishers with quick and easy access, plus the ability to pull even the toughest killswitch!

Contact Information: (President) Brent Miller, 12091 N. Route B., Hallsville, Missouri 65255 | Phone: 1-573-424-6217. Please call anytime. If no answer, please try again later. E-mail: a-1lawncareandlandscaping@outlook.com. HRGTPA's Secretary/Treasurer: Valerie Miller.

Click here to check out our YouTube channel to see the garden pulling tractors and mini pulling trucks in action!

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