FOR SALE: Professionally Built Self-Propelled Pulling Sled for ATVs/UTVs, Garden Tractors & 1,500 lb. Small Wheel Mini Rods. $15,000.00 or best offer. Please check out our YouTube videos and scroll down for pictures of this sled. If interested, contact Brian Miller at 573-881-7229 (cell; text or voice mail). We're planning to move up to bigger and better pulling entertainment.

Miller's One-of-a-Kind Professionally-Built Self-Propelled Pulling Sled (Go here for videos on of this sled YouTube and scroll down for pictures of this sled) -

This distinctive and one of a kind self-propelled pulling sled has style, beauty and grace. It's in pristine condition and is always ready for action. No other sled compares to it. This sled is considered by many experienced and professional pullers as top of the line and best sled in the country! It not only looks nice, but it pulls and performs beautifully! Not bragging or exaggerating, just stating a fact. This unique and nimble sled is very functional and operates flawlessly! It has always performed well from its very first pull in 1995 to date with no major malfunctions or break-downs.

This sled was not "cobbled together." It was professionally engineered and constructed with well thought-out blueprints and plans solely by Brian Miller. Very few changes or improvements had to be made to it. It has always been a great asset to the pullers. It's the envy of most other garden tractor pulling clubs in Missouri.

Professionally-engineered to be pulled by all classes of garden pulling tractors, this sled will effectively, smoothly and safely stop all garden tractors and 1,550 lb. small wheel mini-rods (with about 800 lbs. added weight in the skidpan). The total weight of the entire sled is approximately 6,000 lbs. There's about 2,000 lbs. of weight in the moving weight box, which transfers over the skidpan. This may sound like this sled is difficult to launch and pull down the track, but it's not! It's very well-balanced, meaning very little weight is on the skid pan when the weight box is at the rear. This allows the skidpan to "float" in the air when the tractor launches the pull, allows the tractor to gain a lot of ground speed, and the lightweight launch places less stress and strain on a stock rear end carrier, axles, gears, driveline, clutch and pulling hitch.

The weight box has 8 control [distance] speeds. When the weight box is "topped out," about 5,400 lbs. or 90% total weight of the sled is transferred onto the skidpan, effectively stopping pulling tractors. With no added weight in the skidpan, it's very easy to launch, and it's sure to stop any pulling vehicle (up to 1,500 lbs.), even on short, indoor tracks. Even stock tractors can pull this sled with plenty of ground speed up to 300 feet (maximum track length) with no problems.

Because this sled pulls so easy, many professional pullers tell us that they'd rather pull this sled than any other sled. Pullers who have pulled this sled say: "it's so easy to pull [upon launch], it feels like you're pulling nothing, then eventually, it slows you down and stops you." And if any puller says that this sled is hard to pull, then they don't know what they are talking about.