Hot Rod Garden Tractor Pullers Association

2019 Pulling Event Schedule
(All events are points pulls and include 100% prize money payback)

The present date and time is:
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Reminder - HRGTPA membership dues is $25.00 per person and $50.00 per family. Please have your membership dues and registration form(s) completed before the first pull. To avoid a delay and confusion, all pullers should be signed up in their class 30 minutes before the pulling event starts. This would be very much appreciated! Additional class(es) will be made for garden tractors from other pulling associations if 2 or more matching tractors of any particular class show up, and the HRGTPA will adopt the other association's sanctioning rules for the additional class(es). If just one type of tractor show up and there is no other matching tractor to compete against, it will have to pull for exhibition only.

The 2019 HRGTPA pulling season is over, but we're looking forward to having many more and new pulls, and new classes added to the rules in 2020. and possibly some pulls with $100 per class added prize money!

Contact Information: President: Brent Miller, 12091 N. Route B., Hallsville, Missouri 65255 | Phone: 1-573-424-6217 | E-mail: | Secretary/Treasurer: Valerie Miller | Safety Inspector: Cody Hultz | Sled Operator: Martin Wolbeck

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